I equate buying business supplies as the adult version of the back to school supply excitement. There’s something about new pens and paper that makes you feel actually pumped to get to work. I’ve partnered with my friends at Staples for their #MakeMoreHappen campaign to show you my favorite resources and great things they have available to you, the small business owner.

Real talk, I am in constant need of copy solutions for my calligraphy classes. Each one of my students gets several handouts, so I’m always looking for cost effective solutions, ease of ordering, and delivery options. The Staples Copy & Print Center has some of the best prices out there for copies, and also offer easy online ordering. And to put a cherry on top, they deliver your projects for FREE on orders over $49.99. Can’t beat that.

If you’re looking to get started in your own business (perhaps a calligraphy gig), the Staples Copy & Print Center also offer solutions to get business cards, notepads, and more made. I assure you, if you’re thinking of starting a business, the simple act of making business cards will make you feel so much more official.


One big thing I love about Staples are the cute office supplies they sell, because let’s be real: we all want an attractive work space and cute matters. They carry a favorite brand of mine, Poppin, whose supplies grace my tabletops and make appearances in my classes. These giant pink sticky notes are amazing as calligraphy scratch sheets, and their rulers are colorful and sturdy – I use mine constantly.

I’m frequently asked in my classes, “Lauren, where do you buy your washi tape?” Staples is the answer! I love their selection of Scotch Washi Tape – which I use in every single class. Their wide selection of colors and availability make me happy.

All of these supplies are available at your local Staples. So colorful and cheery, right? A happy work space will absolutely help you #makemorehappen.


Interested in getting some fun supplies, or making business cards of your own? Staples is offering a $50 gift card to my readers – perfect to get you started on your big venture or help out your small business budget. For all of the details and to enter to win, hop over to my Instagram account.

Photos by Peyton Frank

I was asked to participate in the #MakeMoreHappen campaign, sponsored by Staples. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

Society6_Blue Eye Brown Eye_IMG_3942

“It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive.” At least that’s what Ellen DeGeneres said in her book, and I totally agree. While it’s not always easy to look to the sunny side, if you make a big effort to keep smiling, it makes such a – for lack of a better word – positive impact on your life, both personal and professional. I partnered with Society6 recently to showcase some of their positive art and share some of my tips on staying positive, getting shit done, and remaining inspired. You can read the whole post here.

Society6_Blue Eye Brown Eye_IMG_4037

Society6_Blue Eye Brown Eye_IMG_4005

Society6_Blue Eye Brown Eye_IMG_3925

Society6_Blue Eye Brown Eye_IMG_3860

Society6_Blue Eye Brown Eye_IMG_3929

Society6_Blue Eye Brown Eye_IMG_4018

Society6_Blue Eye Brown Eye_IMG_3926

Photos by Peyton Frank

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be participating in a three day online workshop centered around learning how to establish a calligraphy business. I am super pumped about this. One of the things I feel most passionate about when I teach is the fact that I believe anyone can not only do calligraphy, but also start a business to make yourself a little extra money. (Or even turn it into a full time gig). A variety of topics will be covered, including honing your style, monetizing your skills, and setting yourself up in business. Don’t hesitate to take the leap! Registration is open.

BEBEsm-9160Sometimes you need to create just for yourself. Do fun stuff. Be inspired. Some pals helped me out last week, and helped create some fun magic at the Blue Eye Brown Eye studio. Just because we wanted to. That Beyoncé vase is my favorite thing in life, by the way.

BEBEsm-9207We photographed a recent suite I just completed for a client, too, seen below.




I was so inspired by this color palette we were playing with in the vignettes above. The bold black and white juxtaposed with all of those colors…I’m telling you, if I was planning a wedding today, I think it would look a lot like this.

Thanks to my talented pal, Abby Hubley, for the floral design, and Amanda Lackey for the photos.



Last October, I traveled to LA for another round of classes with designlovefest. While always excited to visit LA, this trip was a little more special because my bestie, Anna, came along! Classes were held at the new designlovefest studio, which is totally beautiful, and Anna captured some lovely photos I wanted to share with you.










Between classes, Anna and I found time for plenty of fun (perhaps too much fun), and some delicious food. Highlights include: out hotel (The Line), dinner at Bestia, cocktails at The Ace, a stroll down Abbot Kinney, and a night to remember at Break Room 86.





All images by Anna Routh Photography