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I’m about to embark on some serious family time for the remainder of the week. So serious, that I am leaving at 5 am tomorrow morning for Kansas. Eep! I sense that I will not be on the world wide web very much until Saturday so I wanted to wish you a Happy Turkey Day!

How does your family do their turkey? Is it fried? Smoked? Do you eat something other than turkey? Maybe chicken spaghetti? Whatever it is, I hope it’s yummy and you eat lots.

Lots of love.

image via doublewinky, flickr

Dose of Olive

Mrs. Claus


I cannot wait to see this movie. Glorious.

Recycled Poms

I just found a local shelter that rescues, fosters, and adopts solely Pomeranians called Recyled Poms. And in true fancy dog style, they dress up and pose their available dogs making them ever-so appealing and down right precious. I challenge you not to smile. Or even giggle aloud. I’m pretty sure I need this first one.

It’s that time of the year and I’ve been hunting around for the perfect Christmas cards to send out. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorites I’ve found:

Of course, Hammerpress has some excellent choices. I’m loving their bold, bright colors. And their new website makes shopping a piece of cake!

Egg Press is where I got my cards last year, in fact, they’re the first ones here. I’ve got a few left over so I’m excited to send some of them out this year. But I’m loving some of their other options!

Etsy seller, Yee-Haw, has some fun items. Especially for us Texans down here in the south! Check out their cute cowboy-inspired Christmas cards.

For something a little different, I like these cards that are shaped like ornaments from Louella Press. They could double as cute Christmas decor, as well!

For something really simple and classic, Oblation in Portland, OR (a letterpress fantasy) has some lovely cards.

For something fun and quirky, go to La Familia Green. I’m doting on a lot of their cute cards.

Hello! Lucky has some great stuff, as well. Here are some pretties:

Those are some of my favorites for now. I haven’t decided on one in particular yet. I’m waiting for Jingle Bash before I decide in hopes of finding a local vendor first.

What are your favorites? I’d love to hear!