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Oops, I might have just purchased these on a total whim. I find them utterly irresistible and they shall be on my feet at the rehearsal dinner. (I think). Just like Carrie’s Vivienne Westwood dress upped the ante, these, too, shall do the same for my outfit.

Dose of Olive

Hi friends, I haven’t posted in forever! So, to catch you up, here’s a heaping of Olive:

Olive made a new friend in Miss Evie:

And another new friend in Gus and Hank (Olive had no patience for this picture):

She played in the snow

And discovered a pillow (that kind of rhymes)!

After spending months developing my Google Reader, I find that there are blogs that I gravitate to more often than others. One being Whorange, a blog that I’ve grown very fond of lately. It’s Tula’s style of writing, wit, and whimsical approach that have me hooked. Check it out. You’ll love it, I promise. Also, catch her on Twitter.

I am so excited. Ecstatic. Can’t contain myself. I just won this puppy on eBay. 2010 is my year!

Just some doggy eye candy from Beantown Handmade. ::sigh::