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When I lived in Spain I remember seeing this dress in a window in Granada. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I found it to be so stunning. Isn’t it so dainty with its lacy details and cinched waist?


I strongly desire to have a collection of succulents, much like this one. This is a picture I took at Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, TX. By far one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever laid eyes on.

After posting about typewriters awhile back, I decided I had to get one of my own. Not able to afford the beauts on etsy, I took my chance on ebay and nabbed this guy for just $30!! I’ve been typing away on it since its arrival. So much that my forearms hurt. ….Seriously.

A little project

Today I took up embroidery. Sort of. Over the past few months I’ve been collecting vintage hankies to convert into pillows that we’ll use in the “lounge” area of the reception. As the eternal traditionalist, my mother wants to put our initial on virtually everything possible, the pillows being an example. However, I’m not into that. In a compromise, I told my mom I’d take care of the hankies and thus results in my new “hobby.” Last night I googled embroidery, read some how-to’s and figured out what I needed to get started. A couple of embroidery hoops, some embroidery thread, and a pair of cute tiny scissors later I have the end result. I’ve still got several to make, but I tuckered out after creating two. This is time consuming! I’m excited to see them turned into pillows (that’s Terri’s job). I’ll post the final result when they’re finished.