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I spent my Sunday in the company of two very lovely and talented Anna’s, Anna Routh and Anna Beth Bonney. They graciously volunteered their day to collaborate on a photo shoot featuring some vintage dresses I have been collecting. Together we styled the shoots and traveled The Fort today creating beautiful images. Anna Beth made the most stunning model and I know the images Anna captured will be truly amazing. Thanks so much ladies! Here are just a few “behind the scences” iPhone images I snapped. Cannot wait to share the end result!

clockwise, from left, bouquets made by: me (light green spray roses, hydrangea), me (purple), Ashley Paz (pink garden roses), Anna Beth Bonney (red spray roses)

ABB in a gorgeous slinky 40′s glam look

We borrowed the most comical pug, Dream, for one of our looks.

Prepping before my favorite look.

Much more to come!

Update: Catch a sneak peek over at Anna’s blog.

Way to go Chanel, representing Whippets everywhere! Yes, I’m a huge dog show dork and it was so exciting for me last night to see the Whippet in the Best of Show! The last time a Whippet won Best of Show at Westminster was in 1964. Sadly, Chanel didn’t take the big trophy cup, but it was fun watching her anyway. Olive was so proud.

Travel dogs

When I travel I seem to like to take pictures of dogs. Here’s a sampling of pups across the US that I’ve encountered.

I haven’t spoken about this much on my blog in fear of, well, failure, but it’s about time I start talking about my goals for 2010 and face my fears! This year is the year that I’d like to start my own business. As most of y’all know (thanks to my friends who read my blog) I left my desk job last June to pursue something…else. Its been an interesting journey to find what I’m passionate about, but I believe I’ve come to a good point in my life.

After taking several classes, a soul-searching trip to Portland, and putting quite the investment in a vintage letterpress, I’ve decided that I’d love to pursue a career in all things paper.

I love the tactile experience of creating something and although I love my social media and internet (a lot) there will always be something special about paper. Isn’t it the best when you receive a letter in the mail? A hand written note? It’s my hope to spread the love one stamp at a time.

As our wedding approaches (quickly) I’ve been busy making and practicing calligraphy, invitation design, and letterpress. It’s my hope to pull all of those things together by end of year (if not sooner) to be able to quit my day job and do this for real! I’m taking baby steps toward my goal and will report my experience here on the blog. I’m strongly considering going back to school for this endeavor, which really excites me, as well!

So here’s to jumping in head first and doing this! Cheers!

Dose of Olive

It’s a snow day here in Fort Worth and Olive seems to be entranced by it as this is what she’s been doing all day…