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I love books and I love to read. And I do tend to judge a book by its cover from time to time. But it’s so rare to actually get hold of a good read these days, I think. While we honeymooned I had the luxury of having time to read and got through two books that, believe it or not, I recommend! Both are quite different but equally as entertaining.

Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin is a historical fiction novel based on the young girl who inspired the book, Alice in Wonderland. I plead ignorance here as I had no idea of the interesting and somewhat scandalous relationship between author Lewis Carroll and the young Alice. Mildly Lolita-esque, this book gives light to that story. What I liked best is that the author goes over the facts after the conclusion so you’re left with a clear definition of reality and fantasy. Admittedly, it’s a girly read and one I typically don’t indulge in, but I’ve gotta admit I rather enjoyed it.

I love David Sedaris. I secretly pine to be his friend. Thus, when I found I Was Told There’d Be Cake, a collection of essays by a woman who ::gasp:: is compared to Sedaris, I bought it immediately. And read it in one day. Yeah, yeah, who cares you read a book in a day. I do! I never do this! This collection of essays covers everything from a (human) turd on the carpet to the realities of being a bridesmaid (hilarious). I giggled out loud, and even had Travis laughing when I read bits and pieces to him. Forget my secret fantasy of being a friend of David Sedaris. Enter girl crush on Sloane Crosley.

We’re baaack

We’ve married, we’ve honeymooned, and now we’re settling back in to the normal reality of being a Mr. and Mrs. Our “big day” came and went with a record breaking snow storm and, of course, a little bit of drama. But all in all it was utterly fantastic, as was, of course, my sassy one piece on the beaches of Florida.

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Days left ’til the wedding. Cannot believe it!

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Mad Hatters

I just bought tickets to see Alice in Wonderland tonight and I am antsy with excitement. (I hope it lives up). I love how this story lends itself to so many visual interpretations. Check out the Mad Hatters over the years. Which is your favorite?

The original Disney version. A little cross-eyed, no?

A wood engraving illustration from the original book.

And of course Mr. Johnny. Can’t wait to see him!