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Oh my

Oh my gosh. I must acquire this purse. Going on my wish list immediately. Don’t you love it? From TsuruBride on etsy.

Dose of Olive

Someone’s ready for the 4th of July…

Cute dress

I lu-huv the brand Leifsdottir. They just released their fall collection and I dig this dress in it. In fact, wouldn’t it make a fun bridesmaids dress? This one would be awfully cute, too.

image via fun old new

It was one year ago today that I decided to put a little bit of myself out there and start this blog. At first, I was quite nervous putting out my thoughts, passions, and work, but as the year has progressed this blog has become a home away from home for me. Thank you to my readers (mainly my good friends) who keep up and check in on life here at blue eye brown eye. And of course, a big thank you to my dear friend Lauren Kwedar for helping me name this piece of the world wide web.

Looking back, I’ve gone through a lot of changes in the past year. Leaving a job, trying to start new ventures, failing at some, perhaps slightly succeeding at others. This blog has brought new friends, acquaintances, and some fun email interactions from people across the U.S. of A. I have big plans for the future of blue eye brown eye and I know that this blog will always be a big factor in all of it.

And since it’s the blog’s first birthday, I imagine presenting it with a birthday cake all to itself. And much like myself, I’d like to think it would do work on that dessert. ;)

Happy Birthday, blue eye brown eye!

image via vintage-mouse

I love flowers. A lot. I enjoy giving them, receiving them, arranging them, and having them in the house. One thing I don’t love is a) cheesy vases and b)having to buy a vase every time I want to give a gift. So here’s something I like to do. Every time Mr. Essl and I have spaghetti for dinner, or perhaps enjoy some salsa, I keep the glass jar. Just rinse it out, give it a wash, and peel off the label. Viola! You have a (practically) free “vase” to use (they’re typically a cute mason jar). This past weekend I helped co-host a shower and put some flowers together for the fete. I brought along some jars I’d been collecting and used them in the decor. Afterwards, I left the flowers behind with no worries about the vases. Decor on a budget!