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Yes please

I was waiting to get my hair done at Shampoo last week and picked up the latest issue of W Magazine because my honey was on the cover. I have to apologize for all of the Mad Men chatter, but I just can’t help it. John Hamm is a freaking dream.

images via W Magazine

Did you watch Mad Men on Sunday night? Travis and I sure did and while watching, one thing in particular caught my eye: lamps. Lamps, you say? Yes! Did you notice the amazing ones in Don’s new apartment? Well, I sure did which got me to thinking that I might have a problem. I’m starting to collect vintage and mid-century modern lamps. To prove it, here are some pictures of the lamps in my home. Enjoy! ;-)

Yes, this deer piece is a lamp! It’s a TV lamp and there’s a place for a bulb in the base on the back. I’ve yet to find a bulb the correct size, but when I do it’s sure to be magic.

I’ve been working on the calligraphy for Anna’s sister’s invitations for the past week. The wedding is in North Carolina and its been a lot of fun writing all of the wonderfully southern names on the envelopes. She had her invitations done by Smock, which I love (see last image).

Good morning!

I really adore this letterpress print from Print for Love of Wood out of the UK. Isn’t it fun? I think it would make the perfect addition to my studio. Or perhaps right above my bed to inspire me in the morning!


Last night Anna introduced me to Salt Harbor Designs, an event design company whose work is amazing. As I was perusing the blog, I came across this cake. I think it’s amazing, don’t you? Read more about this event here.