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William & Kate

This household has royal wedding fever. We’ve watched William & Kate on Lifetime, Wild About Harry, the complete footage from Charles and Di’s wedding, and then some. We have champagne, orange juice, scones and clotted cream in the fridge prepping for the festivities. What’s more, Travis is just as eager as I am which makes this whole royal wedding that much more enjoyable. Last night, we were talking about cheesy wedding souvenirs that we were pining over. For me, I’d love a mug with their faces on it. Travis mentioned he’d love a t-shirt. Instead, this print on etsy by Susan Taylor Art will have to do because I just snatched it up! It’s quite cute, no?

Available on etsy here.

Do you have royal wedding fever? Are you going to watch the nuptials?

Just wrapped these business cards for a chef client! After posting a photo of these spoons that I printed, she came to me wanting her business cards printed on the spoons. Brilliant! I loved her idea and had a ton of fun printing these out of the box “cards.”


If you know me, then you probably know my mom. And if you know my mom you know she’s Martha Stewart. Truly, there isn’t anything the woman is not good at. Cooking, baking, sewing, crafting, designing, floral – you name it, she’s conquered it. In her newest endeavors she has decided to take up sugar cookie baking and decorating. I wanted to share some images of cookies she has made as of late. They’re amazing – and delicious, on top of that. She has baked and tested several recipes, tweaking them to her liking. Visiting my parent’s house these days is very exciting as my dad, Travis and myself all get to taste the “rejects.” She has started a little business making these cookies – which are perfect for presents, favors, events, etc. Her biz is called “Tillie’s Treats” (Tillie has been a long running family nick name for her). Contact me if you ever have a sugar cookie need!

A sampling of spring and Easter cookies

Remember the Save the Date I designed for Anna? She made these as favors for her bridal shower.

Back from Valentine’s Day, they’re like little works of art.

Travis and I got these for Easter. So pretty!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you have a day full of chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, family, friends and love. As for me, I’ll be spending the day with my family and watching Easter Parade, an absolute favorite. What will you do this Easter?

image via flickr, mirror image gallery

Today is a very special day. It’s my wonderful husband’s birthday! He’s 28 years young and I love him so so much. Happy Birthday, Trav! I hope all of your wishes come true.

Note: this is not a picture of him, but one from flickr, valjean56