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Did a little moving/organizing/painting in the studio this past weekend. Just a few shots. Such a work in progress, but each baby step certainly does help make it feel a little more like home!

I had the pleasure recently of working with two sisters – Robbie, of Stir Crazy Baked Goods, and Carrie, who owns her own massage and facial studio.

Robbie wanted to make sure her gift certificates were as eco-friendly as possible, so we found 100% recycled kraft envelopes and a green printer that uses 100% recycled paper and conscious printing methods.

For Carrie’s business papers, we wanted to strive for a clean, soothing look, so we used a grey and teal color palette, and incorporated vellum envelopes into her gift certifate and note card packages. A great tip for people starting their own business, too, is to get a rubber stamp of your logo. The note card above is a stamped version of her logo. You can use your stamp on stickers, bags, note cards, whatever! It’s an easy way to brand yourself without having to sink a lot of money into printing. I love using for stamp production. They’re fast, efficient, and reasonable!

Sunday Anna and I packed up our bags and hit the road for The Cream in Austin. For those of y’all that don’t know, The Cream is a curated wedding event showcasing the best of the best in the wedding industry. Hosted by the amazing ladies of Bash, Please, The Cream is truly a gem of an event. The styling was impeccable, the cocktails were flowing, and inspiration was everywhere. Not to mention, I’ve never seen so many cute, stylish people in one place.

There were tablescapes (like this one from Byrd Collective), tastings, paper examples, and even a make your own bouquet station. This tablescape had tiny little gold animals on it, which I adored.

Bunting everywhere

Bake Sale had the sweetest set-up, not to mention delicious treats. I tried the mini strawberry pop tart. Anna and I had the pleasure of seeing Bake Sale in action at Carla’s wedding last fall.

A very exciting moment was the BHLDN fashion show that showcased all of their brand new spring pieces. There was so much to gush over. Anna and I met the BHLDN girls from Philly and they were the cutest, most stylish girls. Watch for them on Mosey!

Other great highlights:

  • Dancing to tunes by The Flashdance (and might I add that Anna and I won the dance competition and a two night stay at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach)!
  • Meeting Brian from Shark Pig. It was sort of a big moment for me, I love his work.
  • Chatting with the girls from Moon Canyon Design Co. in LA. They had the most beautiful sugared fruit on their tablescape. If you’re getting married in the area, look them up!
  • Shaking hands with Krista from Blue Eyed Yonder, a vintage event rental company based out of Atlanta. Check her blog!
  • Finally meeting Amberly from The Swoon. Have you become a vendor yet?
  • Taking pics in the Smilebooth, can’t wait to share those with ya!

Inspired by the vintage piece I used in my own wedding (seen below), these escort cards add a touch of whimsy to your typical card.

They are letterpress printed on 100% cotton pearl white paper, and fit a baby envelope perfectly, too. Available now in the etsy shop!

New Spoons

I made some new spoons for the shop yesterday. These are a little different from last year – in a good way! They’re a tad smaller, and I used some of my new type I just acquired, which I think is oh-so cute. Available here.