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My name is Lauren and Blue Eye Brown Eye is my life and business on the world wide web.  I live in Fort Worth, TX with my hubby, Travis, and my rescue whippet mix, Olive. (Yes, this blog and my business are named for her blue and brown eye). We have two other puppies, too. Matilda (left) and Millicent (right). They’re rescue babies, too. And they’re tiny.

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Blue Eye Brown Eye_Matilda and Millicent
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In addition, I am a calligrapher and designer with a background in letterpress printing. My work has been featured on blogs like Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Grey Likes Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, 100 Layer Cake, and Wedding Chicks, and my stationery has been sold nationwide at Anthropologie stores.

A few passions: I believe in pet adoption and timeless vintage fashion. I’m a geek for social media and the internet. I could live without TV if it weren’t for Bravo, but I would crumble without the world wide web. In addition, I enjoy cooking, teaching, music, blogging, weddings, travel, paper, Marfa, TX, flowers, a great glass of wine and nice grocery stores.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I’m so happy you’re here.


Meet Erin
Studio Manager

Blue Eye Brown Eye_Erin Studio Manager
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Erin is a California native, mom of two little boys, former elementary and middle school teacher and married to Jimmy. Loves her friends, bagels, wine, yoga, interior design, San Francisco, black, animals, dinner parties, & scary movies. She’s been known to organize wallets, closets, cupboards, etc, of her friends or family (whether asked to or not).

Erin is Blue Eye Brown Eye’s studio manager and go-to girl. Basically, she’s my life saver.