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Anna and I had so much fun last week at the Gap + Rue Magazine party. I particularly loved the cocktails with the kelly green flag bunting. There’s just something so fun about having an accessory in your drink. For more photos of the event, head over to Mosey!

Image by Anna Routh Photography


Llama necklace from Madewell. Just shot to the top of my wish list.

I spotted this sweater and this other sweater on Pinterest this morning and just had to find the source immediately. Goodness knows I love sweaters with animals on them. Turns out, the source for these sweaters and a slue of other very cute items is Louche, a label unique to UK based online shop, Joy. Here are some of my favorites I pulled together.

One. Plane Top  Two. Sailor Skirt  Three. Flamingo Knit Dress
Four. Tie Front Blouse  Five. Striped Skirt  Six. Shirt Dress
Seven. Bow Belt  Eight. Bow Purse
Nine. Bib Shift Dress  Ten. Swan Sweater

Glorious lace

Oh goodness gracious, I am in awe of this glorious Duchess Lace Cape from BHLDN. That little hoodie in the back is so sweet. If only my wedding were this year, not last!

images via B H L D N

Some day, I desire to be able to go on a Kate Spade shopping spree and buy up the store. I’m loving Kate Spade these days (more like obsessing) for her whimsical accessories, colorful clothing, and huge cocktail rings. Here are some of my favorites:

Lemon Drop Lella Clutch

I Married Adventure Book Clutch

Say Yes Mrs Necklace (I want to buy this for all of my friends getting married).

Bow Belt

Candy Shop Jeanette Dress (it is sooo stinkin’ cute in person)

Essex Small Scout (I want this to be my spring/summer bag)

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