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A New Addition

This past weekend was a big one for Travis, Olive, and me – we added a new member to our family! We’ve been courting Ethel for awhile now, working with a rescue group to try to make her ours. And Friday it officially happened! She’s an Italian Greyhound rescue, and she’s just so sweet. For those of y’all that know Olive, you know she’s a dog full of personality – and was a terror for the first few months we had her. On the contrary, Ethel has been quite easy, save for a couple of little accidents. We’re all adjusting and I think she’s going to love our family – and it’s just so cute with two little black and white dogs running around the house! So look forward to a lot of new dog pics on this blog – of Olive and her Mini Me, Ethel.

How many takes?

Yesterday I decided I wanted to send a photo of Olive out with my Christmas cards. On a normal day, she can be quite cooperative, but yesterday was a different story. Here are a few outtakes of the 50 pictures it took to get the right one.

And finally, one that would do…

Dose of Olive


As time goes by this year, you’ll start to notice some changes around Blue Eye Brown Eye. I’ve been working with Charlie Howlett (an uber-talent) on my new brand and am excited to start transitioning into the new look. I did a lot of printing yesterday and these little pups were part of my projects. Charlie designed this little silhouette to look like Olive, the inspiration behind the name Blue Eye Brown Eye, of course. Stay tuned for even more!

Dose of Olive

While Travis and I did a huge home improvement overhaul this weekend, I had to snap this picture of Olive staring out the window.