Blue Eye Brown Eye_OKC Calligraphy Class
One week after my Los Angeles calligraphy classes, we loaded up the car and drove to Oklahoma City for another round of classes. The lovely ladies at Chirps & Cheers played host in their fantastic shop in Edmond, Oklahoma. I’m heading back that way in two weeks, so if you’re in the area and would like to learn calligraphy, I’d love to see you there!

Blue Eye Brown Eye_Chirps and Cheers Set Up

Blue Eye Brown Eye_Chirps and Cheers Calligraphy Strokes

Blue Eye Brown Eye_Washi Tape OKC
Susan and Sami have curated a great collection of gifts, stationery, jewelry, invitations and more in their shop. I know I certainly had to go on a little shopping spree while there. So much good stuff!

Blue Eye Brown Eye_Chirps and Cheers Cards

Blue Eye Brown Eye_Chirps and Cheers Letterpress

Blue Eye Brown Eye_Class in OKC

Blue Eye Brown Eye_Flowers and Lefties
And of course I would be remiss if I did not include a picture of shop dog, Gibson, who is just the cutest thing that ever lived. He brought such cheer to everyone that visited the shop.

Blue Eye Brown Eye_Shop Dog
Thank you to everyone who came to the classes. Can’t wait to visit again in a couple of weeks!

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  1. mara: January 27, 2014

    wish you would come to Tampa, FL!!! or somewhere nearby :)

  2. Natalie: January 27, 2014

    oh please, please, please come to cincinnati!

  3. Amy Callaway: January 30, 2014

    Any chance you will ever end up in Northern CA, or Southern CA….I would drive to you there too:) I would so love to take one of your classes:)

  4. Lauren: February 3, 2014

    I’m trying to get there! :)

  5. Amy Callaway: February 3, 2014

    That would be amazing? Any time frame of when that may be a possibility? xo

  6. Adrienne: February 6, 2014

    What kind of dog is Gibson? Adorable!

    PS- I was in the Valentine’s Day mini class tonight. Had such a great time!

  7. Cristina: February 8, 2014

    When will you be back in Edmond? Please let me know. ❤️ And how much is your class?

  8. Lauren: February 20, 2014

    I’ll be back in April! Classes are $150 for lowercase, $165 for uppercase in OKlahoma.

  9. Lauren: February 20, 2014

    He’s a rescue, just a good ol’ mutt! :) Thanks for coming to the mini class, Adrienne!

  10. Alyson: March 7, 2014

    Come to Atlanta!!

  11. Crystal: March 7, 2014

    I was looking at your photos and I was so excited to see you had a left handed person taking your class. I hope to find a way into one of your classes as soon as an opening occurs in the DFW area. I love your work, you are an inspiration.

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