While reading A Cup of Jo last night, I noted in my head a post she wrote about cute party supplies. I always love to look at cute party supply websites so I hopped over today to Shop Sweet Lulu, and, well, I want it all! Do I need these things? No! Do I want it, yep! Here are some of my favorites:

Now I really want these. Trying to think of something creative to do with these berry baskets. The color, yes yes yes!

Glass bottles a la like the ones your milk man used to deliver. These would be amazing accompanying a late night bite at a wedding with warm chocolate chip cookies. And perhaps the milk spiked with a little Baileys? :)

Multi-colored plastic vending capsules, need I say more? Stick these in a basket on the way out of your par-tay with a goodie inside for amazing favors.

Giant balloons, enough said.

Some of my other favorite party and craft supply shops to peruse are:

Cupcake Social

Knot & Bow

Fort & Field

Now get out there and get creative and throw a party for someone you love, or heck, yourself!

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  1. amanda long: April 20, 2011

    i was so happy to see this, as i’ve been dying to make some of these:
    for my lady friends! the colored baskets are so sweet…thanks for the tip!

  2. Lauren Essl: April 21, 2011

    Oh my goodness Amanda, those are so cute! Thanks for the link!

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