Before I took a trip to Portland to learn letterpress from the best over a year ago, I was always so curious about the process. I’ve found that there are very limited letterpress resources in DFW, so I’ve decided to start offering letterpress classes for those of you who would love a glimpse into this printing technique. Starting October 6th, I’ll offer them on Wednesday evenings (or other evenings subject to availability). To learn more, click here.

I promise you’ll learn something new and have fun!

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  1. Jackie Shepherd: March 21, 2014

    I am very interested in the Letterpress class.
    Can you send me more info?

  2. Lauren: March 21, 2014

    Hi Jackie,

    I no longer offer letterpress classes. Try looking in Dallas if you’re interested!


  3. sarah: May 12, 2014

    Hi! Do you still offer calligraphy classes in Austin or Dallas? I’ve been looking to take one since the beginning of the year, but there seems to be more demand than supply lately! ;) Thanks!

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