Another post about plants, yes. Right now, I’m obsessed. Currently on my radar are succulents. I love love love them. I have them in little pots on my window sill in my kitchen. Mr. Essl requested an aloe plant, I suppose he’s planning on using it to sooth a sunburn or two this summer? Anywho, here are some glorious pictures of the wonderful, easy plants that are succulents.

love this picture with the teeny deer

this is a vertical garden, incredible!

images from the top: kieranm, arlene g, nky335, chicken fry, leilaleilaleila, succulent love, greenwaredesign, floragrubb

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  1. nadia: July 1, 2010

    Hey there… love this succulent blog and wanted to share my garden blog with you… i am obsessed with succulents too.
    Have you seen the flower arrangements with succulents?
    have a great day.

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