Good things come in small packages. Things are just…cuter when they’re tiny, right? I love making Bitty Notes for the etsy shop because they’re fun to drop in a kid’s lunch box, stick in your partner’s car seat for a surprise on the way to work, or stick in a pocket! I recently made a set of Valentines (did you get the free download??) that would be just perfect in these tiny envelopes. With this {super} simple DIY you can do Valentine’s Day on a budget – and have fun crafting all at the same time.

What you’ll need:

First, download the Tiny Envelope Template and print onto cardstock.

You’re going to cut along all of the solid lines. The PDF yields two tiny envelopes per page.

Next, fold on all dotted lines. Be sure to take the edge of your scissors and give it a nice, crisp crease.

When all dotted lines are folded, you’re going to take your rolling tape and roll along the “place tape here” edges indicated on the print out.

Fold the short edges in and bring the flap with tape up toward the center. Press taped edges firmly on short flaps. Now, put something in your tiny envelope!

You can either tuck the top flap into the envelope, or put another bit of tape along the top and press down to seal. Whatever you prefer!

These tiny envelopes can be used for a number of things: place cards at a wedding, a fun presentation for your business card, or just to put a tiny note in. Be creative!

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  1. mrscummingsrx: January 27, 2011

    Love :) Perfect for valentines day! My cricut cuts out those little templates but I have never been inspired to actually make any….until now. That note is adorable.

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