Win free stuff!

Y’all know ma bestie, Anna. Well, she’s doing a little giveaway on her blog this week! In fact, it’s some letterpress stationery from your truly. Enter to win a set of 20 letterpress vintage camera cards. Perfect for professional photographers or hobbyists. To find out how to win ’em, visit Anna’s blog.

Golf Balls

Awhile back I got a really cool email from Kori, who happens to be the wife of musician Pat Green. Little did I know that they resided in Fort Worth! I’ve had the awesome opportunity to do some calligraphy work for them for their first fundraising weekend for their new foundation. Since it will be a weekend centered around golf, we decided to do golf escort cards for the gala. Best wishes this weekend, Kori!

I used: Zebra G Nib, Aqua FW Ink

Brand New and Updated :: Blue Eye Brown Eye Calligraphy and Letterpress Classes!

After several inquiries, I’ve decided to start up a beginner calligraphy class – and I’m very excited about it! If you’re interested, read a little bit more about them below, or click here for dates and booking information. I’m also starting up my letterpress classes in full swing again – so if you’re interested, check out more information below and here.

Letterpress Classes – Summer/Fall 2012

What you’ll get:

  • 30 4Bar notecards and corresponding kraft envelopes printed on 100% cotton paper
  • 1 Blue Eye Brown Eye printer’s guide
  • 1 small journal to take notes on

What we’ll do:

From start to finish, you will create your own set of letterpress notecards and learn the basics of printing on a 5 x 8 vintage Kelsey Excelsior press. You’ll learn how to mix ink, set type, lock up a chase, ink up the press, register your cards, and print! (Don’t know what any of that means? That’s okay! These classes are meant for beginners). You’ll pick your own type from the collection I have in my studio, and choose your own color to print your cards on. Classes will consist of 1 – 3 people, depending upon availability. I keep classes small to maximize time on the press!

Beginner Calligraphy Classes – Summer/Fall 2012

What you’ll get:

  • 1 pen
  • 3 pen nibs
  • Ink
  • Tracing paper
  • Practice alphabet and grid

What we’ll do:

If you’re interested in learning calligraphy, thinking of starting your own business, or just like to try something new – this class is for you. This class is truly meant for beginners – if you’ve never picked up a calligraphy pen before, you’ll want to take this class! We’ll go over the basics, including dipping your pin in ink, understanding ink flow and pressure, and basic script letter forms. I’ll be available to answer any questions about calligraphy and starting a calligraphy business. Classes will be either one or two students in order to maximize quality learning.

Havi Frost Photography Packaging

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Havi Frost for the past few months for her big push to further brand her photography business by incorporating cohesive packaging, vendor packets, and stationery into her day to day communication with clients. Havi’s brilliant vendor packet idea was our first project, where we came up with a box mailer and folder enclosure to be mailed to clients after they hire Havi. It’s such a fantastic idea to further service her brides, as she is going to include vendors she loves, trusts, and has relationships with – just to help her brides in their planning. Business cards, examples of work, etc, will live in the folder pocket shown below. Thumbs up!

Below is an awesome flash drive we decided on (found at Flashbay) that will have her logo on it, in this great wood finish that fits nicely in the package.

*Note: Actual packaging flash drives will be be branded with Havi’s logo – this is my sample above. 🙂

Working with Havi Frost Photography has been a wonderful experience – Havi is a sweet, talented, totally cool client that I would recommend working with anytime! Check out her work here.

Succulent Arrangement

How was your weekend? Can you believe it’s already July, and the 4th is this week? With the year half gone, it has me thinking a lot about my business, goals, and where I’d like to be at the year’s end. Hence, this arrangement post. I’m going to try to start posting weekly arrangements to keep my creative juices going. Here, we’re starting with a simple succulent arrangement I’ll be giving a friend tomorrow.

Said friend actually just opened a bakery so I was so excited to find this vintage fudge mix container, it felt so apropos! I clustered three succulents at varying heights in the container and threw in a little reindeer moss, too (I love the bright color of it).

Be looking for more arrangements in the future – I’m thinking my next will be colorful with a pop of tropical protea. I saw some at the market this morning and they were lovely.