A New Addition

This past weekend was a big one for Travis, Olive, and me – we added a new member to our family! We’ve been courting Ethel for awhile now, working with a rescue group to try to make her ours. And Friday it officially happened! She’s an Italian Greyhound rescue, and she’s just so sweet. For those of y’all that know Olive, you know she’s a dog full of personality – and was a terror for the first few months we had her. On the contrary, Ethel has been quite easy, save for a couple of little accidents. We’re all adjusting and I think she’s going to love our family – and it’s just so cute with two little black and white dogs running around the house! So look forward to a lot of new dog pics on this blog – of Olive and her Mini Me, Ethel.


This past weekend I had the grand opportunity to attend Blogshop, a weekend-long workshop taught by Bri Emery of Design Love Fest and Angela Kohler – both based in LA. Man, those are some talented and smart ladies. I cannot even begin to express how much I learned – not to mention had a ton of fun with my fellow blogger friends Katherine and Amanda. If you’re a blogger, a beginner/intermediate Photoshopper, and love learning stuff, I definitely recommend attending one of their workshops across the US/World because let’s face it – there’s not a single person on this planet that should not know the secrets of Liquify.

Gap styld.by + Rue Magazine Party

Anna and I had so much fun last week at the Gap styld.by + Rue Magazine party. I particularly loved the cocktails with the kelly green flag bunting. There’s just something so fun about having an accessory in your drink. For more photos of the event, head over to Mosey!

Image by Anna Routh Photography

Garza Furniture

Leather chairs sunning

While Travis and I were in Marfa we got the really neat opportunity to visit with two artists that I adore. Jamey and Constance Garza are the talents behind Garza Furniture, a bespoke furniture shop in deep West Texas. I’ve loved their work for ages, and while in Marfa I got in touch with them for a potential visit. Luckily, they graciously opened up their studio and showed us around. Not only was I just thrilled by their talent and furniture, but also found them both to be so warm and genuine – truly wonderful, open, hard-working, and just plain nice. You can find Jamey’s work at the Hotel San Jose in Austin as well as The Thunderbird in Marfa. Definitely check his work out – and I’ll be darned if I don’t get my hands on one of those petite leather chairs some day. On my top 10 wish list!

Ready for Fall

While I was at the market last week I was drawn to all of the autumnal floral and greenery in the flower section. I especially loved the rosehips and dahlias. So I picked some of them up to create a little bouquet – it’s good for the soul, arranging flowers, ya know.

Marfa, Take Two

Travis and I took a small trip to Marfa, Texas this past weekend – a little change of scenery for us. It was our second trip, and we’re already planning our third visit. It’s this magical place for us – as it is for so many others. Here are just a few images from our trip this past weekend. For our first go, you can see images here.

We spent a large amount of time at the pool at the Thunderbird.

Always, always visit Food Shark if you can. Amazing food.

I’ll never get tired of Prada Marfa. One of my favorite works of art ever.

We always enjoy throwing darts at Planet Marfa. Home of the teepee.

This trip, we stopped at Balmorhea State Park to swim in the natural spring. Very cool!