09, 01, 12

Anna Routh Photography Thank You Cards

I love a ‘secret’ project. It’s so fun for me when I collaborate with people wanting to surprise another. This time, I worked with Amir, Anna’s husband, to create a unique Christmas present for her and her business. He wanted to create thank you notes for her to send to her clients – so we worked together to come up with this fun outcome. Goodness knows I love to collect vintage things, and I happened to have tons of vintage black and white photographs on hand. Anna’s brand is centered around a black and white color scheme, so why not use black and white photos themselves as cards? I took her logo and letterpress printed it along the back of each card. We then paired the cards with French Paper’s Steel Grey envelope, a white stamp pad for her return address stamp , and a white pen for writing on the grey envelope. (By the way, this white pen is the best I’ve ever used: Uni-ball Signa Broad in white, purchased at Asel Art Supply). All wrapped up and packaged just in time for Christmas!

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