13, 02, 17

Ted Baker + Lauren Essl

Every now and again an opportunity comes to you that really excites you. I had the great, fun opportunity to collaborate with Ted Baker recently on a Valentine’s Day project. Pinch me! I worked with them to create fun ways to make your special someone and single friends feel loved on February 14th. Read all … Continue reading “Ted Baker + Lauren Essl”

27, 10, 16

A shower for little lackey

Earlier this summer I co-hosted a baby shower for my close friend, Amanda, with a group of really wonderful women. We had the par-tay at my house, and I wanted to share some photos with you. We celebrated Little Lackey with a Wild Things vibe, and watching everyone in the paper crown hats made me … Continue reading “A shower for little lackey”

08, 09, 16

Marbling Paper :: The Trials, Many Errors & Triumphs

In an attempt to work on a fun creative personal project this past month, I tried my hand at paper marbling. I’ve done marbling before, but I wanted to try a couple of new methods that might improve on my last try. After reading and researching online, I found this tutorial that seemed simple enough. … Continue reading “Marbling Paper :: The Trials, Many Errors & Triumphs”

04, 08, 16

#fearnomess with method

As an artist and calligrapher (and a total Type B person that lives in mild chaos on the reg), things get messy. I honestly wash my hands umpteen times a day as I’m working on projects, mixing inks, and experimenting with new techniques. So partnering with my friends at method was pretty much a match … Continue reading “#fearnomess with method”

01, 08, 16

My Favorite Calligraphy Supplies

Over the years I’ve tried countless calligraphy products and supplies, and have had great success with some while immediately disliking others. I say this in my calligraphy classes constantly: I believe that supplies are very personal to each calligrapher. We all write differently. Some of us are heavy handed, some are light handed. We are … Continue reading “My Favorite Calligraphy Supplies”

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