01, 08, 16

My Favorite Calligraphy Supplies

Over the years I’ve tried countless calligraphy products and supplies, and have had great success with some while immediately disliking others. I say this in my calligraphy classes constantly: I believe that supplies are very personal to each calligrapher. We all write differently. Some of us are heavy handed, some are light handed. We are … Continue reading “My Favorite Calligraphy Supplies”

15, 07, 16

#Makemorehappen with Staples

I equate buying business supplies as the adult version of the back to school supply excitement. There’s something about new pens and paper that makes you feel actually pumped to get to work. I’ve partnered with my friends at Staples for their #MakeMoreHappen campaign to show you my favorite resources and great things they have … Continue reading “#Makemorehappen with Staples”

07, 07, 16

Staying Inspired and Positive with Society6

“It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive.” At least that’s what Ellen DeGeneres said in her book, and I totally agree. While it’s not always easy to look to the sunny side, if you make a big effort to keep smiling, it makes such a – for lack of a … Continue reading “Staying Inspired and Positive with Society6”

31, 05, 16

Take your skills to the next level

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be participating in a three day online workshop centered around learning how to establish a calligraphy business. I am super pumped about this. One of the things I feel most passionate about when I teach is the fact that I believe anyone can not only do calligraphy, but also start a business … Continue reading “Take your skills to the next level”

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