15, 08, 12

Garza Furniture

Leather chairs sunning

While Travis and I were in Marfa we got the really neat opportunity to visit with two artists that I adore. Jamey and Constance Garza are the talents behind Garza Furniture, a bespoke furniture shop in deep West Texas. I’ve loved their work for ages, and while in Marfa I got in touch with them for a potential visit. Luckily, they graciously opened up their studio and showed us around. Not only was I just thrilled by their talent and furniture, but also found them both to be so warm and genuine – truly wonderful, open, hard-working, and just plain nice. You can find Jamey’s work at the Hotel San Jose in Austin as well as The Thunderbird in Marfa. Definitely check his work out – and I’ll be darned if I don’t get my hands on one of those petite leather chairs some day. On my top 10 wish list!

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