27, 01, 12

Gift Certificates and Business Papers

I had the pleasure recently of working with two sisters – Robbie, of Stir Crazy Baked Goods, and Carrie, who owns her own massage and facial studio.

Robbie wanted to make sure her gift certificates were as eco-friendly as possible, so we found 100% recycled kraft envelopes and a green printer that uses 100% recycled paper and conscious printing methods.

For Carrie’s business papers, we wanted to strive for a clean, soothing look, so we used a grey and teal color palette, and incorporated vellum envelopes into her gift certifate and note card packages. A great tip for people starting their own business, too, is to get a rubber stamp of your logo. The note card above is a stamped version of her logo. You can use your stamp on stickers, bags, note cards, whatever! It’s an easy way to brand yourself without having to sink a lot of money into printing. I love using rubberstamps.net for stamp production. They’re fast, efficient, and reasonable!

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