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Los Angeles : Day 3 and 4, The Classes

Blue Eye Brown Eye_designlovefest studio

We had the best time in Los Angeles last week. Not only did we have a day and a half to explore and take a little time to ourselves, but I had the totally cool opportunity to teach three calligraphy courses in partnership with designlovefest. I’ve followed Bri’s career and blog for years, so it was certainly a pinch me moment to be standing in her studio, let alone working there!

Blue Eye Brown Eye_Calligraphy Class supplies designlovefest

Blue Eye Brown Eye_designlovefest calligraphy workshop

For each class, Bri and her team set out a fantastic spread of treats and drinks for the students. Styled perfectly, of course. Also, bubbly and calligraphy is always a good idea.

Blue Eye Brown Eye_designlovefest workshop flowers

Blue Eye Brown Eye_designlovefest peonies

The studio was filled with beautiful flowers that fit the set up perfectly. There were pops of pink everywhere!

Blue Eye Brown Eye_designlovefest class

Blue Eye Brown Eye_designlovefest calligraphy workshop set up

Blue Eye Brown Eye_designlovefest modernica chairs

These chairs are perfect, no?

Blue Eye Brown Eye_designlovefest studio details

Blue Eye Brown Eye_designlovefest pink couch

Every nook and cranny of the designlovefest studio is thoughtfully curated with special collections, flowers, candles, and furniture and accessories that have practically jumped off the pages of Pinterest. So so much eye candy.

Speaking of eye candy, just take a look at that wallpaper below. The Unique Space, a coworking and private studio space in downtown LA, is wonderful. The first floor is minimally perfect, and the second floor just gets better! It brought so much inspiration and energy to my classes, I can only imagine what it’s like to work there every day.

Blue Eye Brown Eye_Unique Space wallpaper

Blue Eye Brown Eye_The Unique Space

Stay tuned for more classes in LA. The best way to stay in touch is to sign up for the designlovefest email list. They’ll announce all workshops there!


2 thoughts on “Los Angeles : Day 3 and 4, The Classes”

  1. Wish I could find such classes here in Rome as well…!
    Lovely preps, lovely atmosphere…I adore the cure and attention you put in preparing the welcome kits for your students!
    Hugs from Rome
    Cecilia K

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