14, 05, 19

Millicent Loves Freshpet

Goodness knows I love my doggies so much, so I’m naturally very particular about what I feed them. Freshpet believes in fresh ingredients for pets. They never add preservatives or additives to their foods resulting in super fresh food for my pup – and let me tell you, Millicent LOVES it.

Freshpet food is kept in the fridge, delivering the freshest possible meal to your dog. When I started feeding Millicent Freshpet, she was obsessed from the start.

As a picky dog mom, I love the benefits of feeding my dogs the freshest ingredients. I can rest assured knowing they are eating healthy, natural food. Visit Freshpet for more information on where you can buy your fur baby some delicious food and to learn more about all of the good things inside that Freshpet bag. Trust me, Millicent wants to spread the word about this tasty goodness!

Photos by Michele Equitz

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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