09, 06, 14

Now Hiring for the Summer

Blue Eye Brown Eye_Hiring Summer Help

Blue Eye Brown Eye is hiring! My wonderful studio manager, Erin, will be gone for July and August this summer so I’m in search for some temporary help!

If you’re interested, please send me your resume and a little bit about yourself to lauren (at) blueeyebrowneye.com. I’m ideally looking for someone available around 10 hours a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The position is remote, so you can work from home, but I’d love it if you’re in Fort Worth. Applicant must have a car and be willing to drive to Dallas from time to time. Other tasks will include things like assembling invitations, helping me prep for calligraphy classes, running errands, and assisting me as I move into my office this summer, etc. I love go-getters and positive people! If you’re in college and interested in the industry, this could be perfect for you.

2 thoughts on “Now Hiring for the Summer”

  1. When I saw this, my pulse sped up a little! I am not your typical college student…I am 34 and in nursing school and engaged to be married. since we have no summer classes I need to be busy. I am very creative. ….I love arts and crafts. I definitely see the glass half full–i left a career to follow a dream. I would love to assist you during this time period plus it could give me some great ideas for my wedding! I live in Arlington…right on the fort worth line. I am also a multitasker and I have a eye for detail! I would love to meet in person and discuss the opportunity to work with you!

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