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On Making Your Special Day Even More Special

The thing I love the most about weddings are the special details the couple includes in their big day. It doesn’t have to be overly ambitious, and the most subtle details are often the ones I love the most. Whether it’s putting pictures of loved ones on display, or including favorite desserts on the dessert table, intimate details make a wedding. So when I got the opportunity to work on a calligraphy job for a couple who has taken a lot of time to think of creative ways to make their special day even more special – I was so happy to do it! This job was so fun.

A few months ago I did the calligraphy for their Save the Date, designed and printed by Carrot & Stick Press. Remember this precious book mark? Circling back around, I just completed the calligraphy for their wedding invitations, as well as a slue of other items.

Detail #1 I love? These Penguin Classic post cards used as escort cards. (Sensing the book theme)? They’ll use a rubber stamp to stamp the table number on the post card. In addition, they used the post card as a spot to include a personal letter to their guests.

The bride also chose a super fun calligraphy style for her envelopes, these were so fun!

Invitation Suite by Carrot & Stick Press

Detail #2: All of the table number tents include favorite quotes from books selected by the bride and groom.

Detail #3: Labels for the dessert and cheese displays will be mounted on book pages (see small example in image). I love all of their details!

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