27, 05, 14

Online Classes are Live!

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I am so thrilled to announce to you guys that my online classes in partnership with Brit + Co. are officially live and available for purchase! This has been several months in the making and it feels so exciting to see it all come together.  You can hop on over to Brit + Co. and purchase your spot here. I hope you enjoy. Happy lettering!

14 thoughts on “Online Classes are Live!”

  1. Hello Lauren,
    I would like to purchase my supplies for your calligraphy class. I live in Canada, so I cannot order the kit from Brit + Co. I really need to know which oblique pen holder works with the Zebra G Nib. For example, does the Speedball Oblique Penholder 9455 works? I have done many researches online but cannot seem to find the information.
    Thank you for your answer,

    1. I am so sorry to hear this! Please try to get in touch with Brit + Co. directly to resolve – they are handling all registration!

  2. Hi Lauren! I’m writing you because I was so excited to learn that you were doing an online class! I went over to Brit + Co. and purchased a beginner’s calligraphy set about a week ago, and haven’t heard anything/can’t find anything on the status of my order. I’m writing you because I’ve emailed Brit + Co. numerous times with no response…Help!

    1. Hi Paola! I believe your issues might be because you’re out of the country. Brit + Co. recently informed me that those out of the country are not able to purchase. Working to remedy this!!

  3. Hi!
    I’d love to sign up but am curious to know if the class and supplies are left hand friendly?? 🙂

  4. Hi Lauren! I’m so excited about this—I’m 27 and ‘retired’ due to Multiple Sclerosis, so I haven’t been able to drive to any of your classes, yet am dying for a creative outlet!!! This looks just like just the thing for me. It doesn’t seem like the kit comes with the “alphabet and grid” and as someone who is serious about her craft I assume this would be important…thoughts on where I could get something of the like? Thank you in advance—you have no idea what this means to people ‘like me’.

    1. Hi! Once you purchase the online class, you’ll be able to download the grid and alphabet. (They come with the class purchase). Enjoy!

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