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Planter Idea: Vintage Molds


Heading out to our car this past weekend after a trip to Home Depot, Travis announced, “I think you’re a succulent hoarder.” I gasped, then laughed in reply, “Yes, I am, ” I said, rather proudly. You see, I am a 100% obsessed, borderline plant lady about succulents and cacti. I feel I have good reason these days to buy gobs of them, as I’m doing the decor for an upcoming wedding that “requires” an abundance of these wonderful plants. But really – it’s a problem. We have a tiny home and there is only so many places I can put them. (And trust me, they’re there if they can be).

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Lately I’ve been really trying to propagate my own plants from leaves and break-offs. Some work out a little bit easier than others – and some don’t work at all. I’ve even looked up classes and workshops for propagating and growing cacti and succulents. Do any of y’all have any sources? I’d love to hear.


Back to the wedding – I dropped by good ol’ Montgomery Street Antique Mall Saturday in search of unique planters or vintage terra cotta pots for the wedding decor. Vintage molds instantly caught my eye and I bought a dozen or so in hopes they’d work out. And they did! I absolutely love how they look and I think they’ll be a fun mixed medium at Lauren’s wedding in two weeks!

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