Indian Summer Workshop :: Marfa, Texas

Indian Summer Workshop_Brush Calligraphy Marfa Letterpress Suite

Cibolo Creek Ranch, nestled deep in the west Texas desert, what a magical place. This past summer I traveled with the bows and arrows team to Marfa to teach a mini calligraphy lesson at their Indian Summer Workshop. There, 13 attendees learned the ins and outs of floral design, styling, and a little bit about calligraphy, too. It was a wonderful trip, and here is a snippet of some of the styling and floral sessions (with the suite I designed for the photo shoot above). I’ll share more about my calligraphy class here later. All images were captured by Ryan Ray.

Indian Summer Workshop_Bows and Arrows Flowers_Marfa

Indian Summer Workshop_Bride with Bison

Indian Summer Workshop_Bison

Indian Summer Workshop_Bows and Arrows Bouquet_Marfa

Indian Summer Workshop_Tablescape

Indian Summer Workshop_Texas Desert

Indian Summer Workshop_Desert Tour

Indian Summer Workshop_Cibolo Creek Ranch

Inidan Summer Workshop_Tablescape Styling_Marfa

Indian Summer Workshop_Marfa_Students at Work

Indian Summer Workshop_Cibolo Creek Ranch_Marfa Texas

Indian Summer Workshop_Group Shot

All images by Ryan Ray

Marfa :: Trans-Pecos Festival

Marfa_El Cosmico Bar_Transpecos Festival_Ahora o Nunca

Life has been crazy lately. I’ve been traveling a lot for work – in fact, I’m in flight as I type this to Brooklyn for two workshops at Knot & Bow tomorrow. I’m thankful for the busy schedule, but have found that taking moments to steal away – if for a night, an hour, or a weekend – to be so valuable. Travis and I trekked to Marfa last week for our third trip. It is truly an oasis in the dessert for us. A trip we look forward to with such childish anticipation, and really…always a much needed break.

This year was particularly special because it was our first to attend the Trans-Pecos Music Festival at El Cosmico. I can tell you now that we’ll be making it an annual trip from here on out. Dogs everywhere, beer aplenty, wonderful music, and weather so wonderful I nearly cried all weekend long. I mean, I wore a jacket. For the first time in what feels like years.

You can read more about our previous trips here and here. If you have the ability to make it to Marfa, do it. It’s so special.

Marfa_Trans Pecos Festival 2013_El Cosmico

Marfa_El Cosmico TeePees

Marfa_Dogs at Trans Pecos Festival

One of the many dogs that ran freely (and happily) around El Cosmico. Next time, Matilda and Olive are comin’ along on the road trip!

Marfa_Factory Girl_Trans Pecos Festival

Marfa_Factory Girl Vendor_Trans Pecos Festival

There were so many talented vendors at the festival, like Factory Girl representing Dallas (above) and Poppy & Someday, where I bought beautiful dream catcher.

Marfa_Poppy Someday Jewelry_Trans Pecos Festival

Marfa_Trans Pecos Festival 2013 Vendor

Marfa_Trans Pecos Festival_Art Installation

A definite highlight was being able to see Playboy Marfa before it’s likely imminent demise. Read more about that here. In fact, it has raised questions with Prada Marfa, as well, and the thought of these installations going away really breaks my heart.

Marfa_Playboy Marfa Playboy Logo

Marfa_Playboy Marfa

Marfa_Prada Marfa September 2013

For the first time, we rented a little home through VRBO – the Fancy Ponyland. We really loved it. It’s nice to have the space to stretch out.

Marfa_Fancy Ponyland Home Exterior

Marfa_Fancy Ponyland Rental Home

Marfa_Trans Pecos Festival Sunset_El Cosmico

Marfa, Take Two

Travis and I took a small trip to Marfa, Texas this past weekend – a little change of scenery for us. It was our second trip, and we’re already planning our third visit. It’s this magical place for us – as it is for so many others. Here are just a few images from our trip this past weekend. For our first go, you can see images here.

We spent a large amount of time at the pool at the Thunderbird.

Always, always visit Food Shark if you can. Amazing food.

I’ll never get tired of Prada Marfa. One of my favorite works of art ever.

We always enjoy throwing darts at Planet Marfa. Home of the teepee.

This trip, we stopped at Balmorhea State Park to swim in the natural spring. Very cool!


Nearly two weeks ago Travis took me to Marfa, Texas for an early birthday getaway. I’ve been wanting to go for years now, so Travis planned a trip there for me as a surprise! We set off on our nearly 8 hour drive and arrived on Friday afternoon to the most wonderful weather and amazing west Texas scenery. Here are just a few images from our trip.

Although the trek is long to get there, I cannot recommend a trip to Marfa enough. There’s an overwhelming sense of calm in Marfa. Not to mention, the art, food, and people are amazing. Hop on a bike and just peddle around town – it was our favorite way to stumble upon fantastic little hidden gems around town.

Where we ate: Maiya’s, Cochineal, Squeeze Marfa, Food Shark, Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour, Pizza Foundation, Jett’s at The Hotel Paisano

Where we drank: Padre’s, Planet Marfa, and bought some great wine at The Get Go

What we visited: The Chinati Foundation, Judd Foundation, Ayn Foundation, Prada Marfa, Ballroom Marfa, The Marfa Lights

Where we stayed: The Thunderbird Hotel

To the Letter :: Come see me in Allen!

The first one was so fun, why not do another? On Saturday, September 3rd I’ll be doing another letterpress event to help celebrate the opening of the brand new Anthropologie in Allen, Texas! We’ll make thank you cards that you’ll get to take home with you and you’ll learn all about the art of letterpress printing. Bring your friends and spread the word! Oh, and it’s free!