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The Swoon

Just a couple of weeks ago Anna and I participated in an excellent first-time-ever event, The Swoon. The Swoon is a bridal market and party focusing on creative brides, unique events, and fun ideas. Anna and I had the pleasure of being sponsors and shared a booth together. The Cheese, Anna’s new photobooth venture, made it’s big debut, and I had a tablescape on display among other things. This was truly Blue Eye Brown Eye’s first appearance as not only a stationer, letterpress printer, and calligrapher – but also as an event and floral designer.

The whole theme came from the idea of getting a cotton candy machine and handing it out at the booth – I mean, who doesn’t love cotton candy? From there, it grew into a grand, pink party! Pink isn’t normally my first choice in color, but I must admit – mixing it with metallics turned out to be a lot of fun.

Below are some images from our booth, taken by Anna Routh Photography:

A big thanks to Stir Crazy Baked Goods for making these amazingly perfect cakes and cupcakes for the display!

All cakes and cupcakes you see here are from Stir Crazy Baked Goods in Fort Worth. I made this little bunting to go on top of the pink two-tiered cake.

A big thanks to Period Charm Rentals for letting us use this chair. Y’all, it is so fantastic. Be sure to check out all of her stuff!
I wish this sign would have been a little easier to read in images. It read: “Ladies and Gents, grab a flower and stick it in your hair or your lapel. Get creative and have fun!” It was fun seeing ladies walk around with pink flowers behind their ears.

Anna and I collaborated on the backdrop for The Cheese background!

We rented a cotton candy machine to tie it all together – a huge hit!

And a few iPhone photos and Instagrams:

My sweet friend, Lo, was such a help! Couldn’t have done The Swoon without her!

These balloons were absolutely enormous. And pretty awesome.

Large centerpiece arrangement

The entire tablescape – complete with a runner I hand painted.

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