20, 06, 12

We went to Europe

This past May, Travis and I had the pleasure of traveling for two weeks in Europe. As I drink my coffee from my Diamond Jubilee mug this morning, I’m feeling a little sentimental and wanted to share just a small sampling of images from our journey.

Our itinerary:
Venice > Lake Como > Milan > Florence/Tuscany > Munich/Bavaria > London

While I had traveled (very fortunately) to these destinations before, Travis had not been to any. So it was a lot of fun to see these wonderful cities through his eyes and re-discover them with him. One place I had not been, however, was Lake Como, and oh my goodness – if you ever have the opportunity to visit, please go. It’s a dream.

For a week of our travel, Travis was in a study abroad program with his MBA group, so I had the days to stroll, dine, get lost, and eat amazing food. I feel so lucky to have had this trip, especially with Travis. While in college I lived in Spain for 5 months. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, but undoubtedly being in Europe with Trav made this time all the better.

Do you have travel plans this summer?

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  1. Who is the very handsome man holding the Hoffbrau Haus, Munchen, beer mug? I must get his address!

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